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We develop custom Facebook Messenger business intergrations

We help businesses to acquire customers and build relationships through conversation, by simplify customer acquisition and providing a direct, conversational way to create a meaningful connection with your business.
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Free Tools

Facebook EU/EEA Privacy Update

Is your page affected by the upcoming EU privacy updates Facebook will roll out beginning December 16th 2020?


Facebook Chat Plugin Validator

Installed the Facebook Chat Plugin on your site and you want to validate the install?

Let us know your website's URL and we'll validate it. Works with the ManyChat Widget, too!


Facebook Messenger Referral Debugger

Debug what your bot actually sees when you use a link with a ref parameter.


Facebook Bot Cleaner

Uninstalled a 3rd party bot, but missed some leftovers? Use our bot cleaner to remove those relicts!

DON'T PANIC! Before it actually cleans up we'll show you what it'll remove first, your choice.


Facebook Messenger Platform Bugs

A curated list of Messenger Platform bugs may affecting your chat bot/users, which will answer your »Is it just me, or...?« questions


Facebook Messenger Code Generator

Facebook will deprecate Messenger Scan codes August 15 2019, use our QR code generator instead.

Generate static or paramatric Messenger Codes.

Select your Page, generate, download your code. Easy.

New feature: Automatically remove the Page profile picture from the center of the Messenger code AND change the code's color!

ps: Check the last option if you want just a regular old school QR code instead...